Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Fox Chords by Ylvis + --------------------------------------------------------------------- + | Ultimate Guitar Tabs Archive - your #1 source for tabs! | | | | | | Over 800,000 guitar, guitar pro and bass tabs! Also lessons, news, | | columns and guitar forums! | + --------------------------------------------------------------------- + Artist: Ylvis Song: The Fox Ylvis is really talented musically, in addition to being funny. Their chord selection here attests to that. I recommend listening to the song for the exact timing of the chords, but the way they are written here should provide some useful indication. This version makes a greater use of open chords, and those who are into using such chords should find it more suitable. <<< Capo 2 >>> INTRO Bm A E VERSE 1 Bm A E Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, Bm Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeek. A E Cow goes moo, frog goes croak, Bm And the elephant goes toot. A E Ducks says quack, And fish go blub And the seal goes ow ow ow Bm But there's one sound A E that no one knows What does the fox say? CHORUS Bm Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringding! E What the fox say Bm Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! E What the fox say Bm Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! E What the fox say Bm Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! E What the fox say VERSE 2 Bm A E Big blue eyes, pointy nose, Bm Chasing mice and digging holes, A E Tiny paws, up the hill, Bm Suddenly you're standing still, A E Your fur is red, so beautiful, Bm Like an angel in disguise, A E But if you meet a friendly horse, Will you communicate by Bm A mo-o-o-o-orse? Mo-o-o-o-orse? E Mo-o-o-o-orse? How will you speak to that Bm A ho-o-o-o-orse? Ho-o-o-o-orse? E Ho-o-o-o-orse? What does the fox say? CHORUS 2 Bm Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow! Chacha-chacha-chacha-chow! Chacha-chacha-chacha-chow! E What the fox say Bm Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! E What the fox say Bm Ah-hee-ahee ha-hee! Ah-hee-ahee ha-hee! Ah-hee-ahee ha-hee! E What the fox say Bm Ah-oo-oo-oo-ooo! Woo-oo-oo-ooo! E What does the fox say? BRIDGE/OUTRO G F#m Bm The secret of the fox, A Ancient mystery, F#m G Somewhere deep in the woods, A G I know you're hiding, F#m Bm What is your sound? A Will we ever know? F#m G Will always be a mystery A G What do you say? F#m Bm A You're my guardian angel F#m G Hiding in the woods, A G What is your sound? (Abub-bub-bub-way-dum) F#m Bm (Abubidi-bi-bum-way-dum) (Abub-bub-bub-way-dum) A Will we ever know? (Babeh-dih-bah-top-beh-dum) F#m I want to... (Bahbeh-dum-beh-dum) G I want to... A I want to know! (Ababeh-dih-bah-bum-beh-dum) END +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation | | of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, | | or research. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Ultimate-Guitar.Com © 2013 Show/hide chords diagrams Add more chord diagrams to the list: F#m G E A Bm

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