Friday, May 18, 2012 Bill Bailey Am - x02210 Cmaj7 - 032000 G7 - 320001 G - 320003 Dm - xx0231 C - x32010 Fmaj7 - x03210 Dmmaj7 - xx0221 C/G - 332010 E - 022100 Dm7 - xx0211 F* - 033200 Intro: Am Esus4 Am Esus4 Am G ~ I was alone my heart was cold it was a stone, Fmaj7 E my soul was lonely like a stone - there was no moss. Am G ~ And when I danced I danced alone but then I did not dance Fmaj7 E because I *was* alone. So I did not dance. Am G _~_ Fmaj7 I shuffled through life invisible to all the happy couples who would mock E me with their merry laughter – “ha-ha-ha”. Am G F The only sound I heard in my lonely silent world was the rusty hammer of my E Am heart nailing at the hatred in my soul. E - G - Am (quickly) [ synth strings ] G Cmaj7 But then you came, Dm Dmmaj7 Dm7 and my life was turned upside down. Dm7 G7 You showed me the beauty of the things that I had never seen. C [ Embellish with Cmaj7, C/G and C ] Like a snowflake that melts on the eyelash of a startled deer. Dm Dmaj7 Dm7 Or the painting of a dog that wears a deerstalker[1] and G7 Dm Dmmaj7 smokes a pipe that made you laugh so heartily, Dm7 G7 C Cmaj7 C/G but I had previously thought was rubbish. Dm Dmmaj7 Dm7 Or the duck that lands so clumsily on a frozen pond in winter G7 but the intoxicating power of our love transforms this simple act into an C Cmaj7 anthropomorphic drama where Mr. Duck’s embarrassed and the other ducks are C Cmaj7 C/G laughing (quack quack quack quack quack). E/ Am AND THEN YOU LEFT! [Flamenco Style] G F E And I have died a thousand deaths and I will die a thousand more! Am G F E I thought you were an angel - you turned out to be a whore! Am G F E And everything has turned to dust! Everything is infected with the plague! E Am Why did you have to sleep with Craig? G F E "Oh he's so sensitive, he's got a tattoo." F E Yeah, carving your name with a compass in my forehead was not enough for you! C Am G F I’ve seen the youth, I’ve seen truth, I’ve seen a booth, with a red roof. C Am G F I’ve seen lies, I’ve seen flies, I’ve seen lies, In the eyes of flies. Am F Dm G But you are a beautiful flower, you bloom every hour, ooooooooooo. Am F Dm G So precious and revealing, like a rabbit, stuck to the ceiling. Am F Dm G So beautiful and random, like a weasel and a duck on a tandem. C oooooooooo! bill bailey - dandelion mind---------------------------------- tabbed by zozo ( chords for the entirety of it are just: C (032010) Fmaj7 (003210) so: C Fmaj7 i'm a girl and i live in the clouds C Fmaj7 i float like a worm that dreamt it was an acorn C Fmaj7 on the wings of a morning C Fmaj7 (a few times, while the audience is laughing) C Fmaj7 i'm a girl, and i live in the sky C Fmaj7 like a cotton gossamer strand of thread C that unraveled from a dress that was woven from the Fmaj7 thoughts of a mermaid C Fmaj7 (a few times) C Fmaj7 i've got a gossamer brain C i've got a dandelion mind (Fmaj7) one *pft* and it's gone- _______________ I've got most of it, except for the first 'Huggy Bear' music. Enjoy! (Wah throughout) 'Sitting in Car' Theme e|-----------| B|-----------| G|-10~---9~--| D|-10~---9~--| A|-10~---9~--| E|-----------| 'Huggy' Theme e|---------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------0----0h2-0--------------| D|-------------------0-1--2b----2-------0h2p0--------| A|-------0-3-x-3-5-x--------------------------3--0---| E|-3-5-x---------------------------------------------| 'Club' Theme e|--4/5-x-5-x-5-5-x-5-5--| B|--4/5-x-5-x-5-5-x-5-5--| G|--4/5-x-5-x-5-5-x-5-5--| etc. D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| 'Bad Guy' Theme e|--------------4~--| B|-----1~-----------| G|---------2~-------| D|------------------| A|--0~--------------| E|------------------| 'Running' e|--------------------------|----|-------| B|--------------------------|----|-------| G|--1h2-2-2-2-2-1h2-2-2-2-2-|-x4-|-------| D|--------------------------|----|-------| A|--------------------------|----|-------| E|--------------------------|----|--2--3-| 'Getaway' Theme e|----------| B|-4/5-xxxx-| G|-4/5-xxxx-|x However many D|-4/5-xxxx-| A|----------| E|----------| ...and that's about it Stereophonics - Handbags And Gladrags CAPO 3 (Define Cx: x00010) Intro: G G7 C Cx (x3) Verse 1 G G7 Cx Ever seen an old man cross the road Cx G Tryin to make the other side? Ever see a young girl growing old Tryin to make herself a bride? Verse 2 Em D So what becomes of you my love? G A7 ???? Chorus C Cx The handbags and gladrags Cx G That your poor old grandad had to sweat to buy you

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