Thursday, May 17, 2012 

Kindergarten is a time of tremendous opportunity. For all kindergarten students and their families, this is the beginning of children’s formalized learning journeys and is important in determining the course of their lives. 

Key to crafting a successful start to one's learning journey is mastery of foundational literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills. Letter and number identification, story sense, counting, rhythm, and socialization all play critical roles in preparing students for success throughout their K-12 educational experience and beyond. Also important is developing a positive attitude towards learning and the capacity to push oneself forward when the topics being learned call for stretching above one's comfort zone.

The goal of Advantage 2014 is to increase Auburn students’ mastery rates in literacy and numeracy, as measured in grade 3, from 63% & 60% respectively in the spring of 2011, to 90% in 2014-15. One strategy for meeting this bold goal is a 1:1 iPad 2 placement with every Auburn kindergarten student and his or her family.

The iPads will be Auburn kindergarten family devices - intended to be used by students with their classroom teachers during the school day and by parents and children together at home. iPads will purposefully support and extend every child’s literacy and numeracy learning.

Auburn kindergarten teachers will collaborate with special educators and other specialists to use the iPads effectively to support not only literacy and numeracy efforts, but also occupational, physical, and speech therapy, physical education, art, music, and other educational programs.
Advantage 2014
Learning in the Hands of Children

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