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Gary Stager article- The Best Educational Ideas in the World -

The Best Educational Ideas in the World
Your ticket to constructing modern knowledge
Gary S. Stager, Ph.D.
Your tour guide, Gary Stager: Teacher educator, author and consultant, Dr. Gary Stager, has spent the
past twenty-eight years helping teachers on six continents make sense of their roles in the digital age.
In 1990 he led development efforts at the world’s first two “laptop schools” in Australia. Since then,
Gary has worked with countless laptop schools from Maine to Melbourne to Mumbai. Stager is a
Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology where he
has taught since 1993 and in 1998 helped create its groundbreaking Online Master of Arts in
Educational Technology degree program. In 1982, Gary created one of the nation’s first computer
camp programs and was the Director of Professional Development for NJ’s Network for Action in
Microcomputer Educator from 1983-93.
Gary was Senior Editor for District Administration Magazine, Editor of The Pulse: Education’s Place
for Debate and Editor of ISTE’s Logo Exchange. He is a frequent conference presenter, workshop
leader and keynote speaker at conferences across the globe. Dr. Stager worked with Seymour Papert to
create the Constructionist Learning Laboratory at the Maine Youth Center. Gary’s work with
incarcerated youth in Maine was the subject of the PhD. dissertation from the University of
Melbourne. Dr. Stager is also a collaborator in the MIT Media Lab’s Future of Learning Group and the
Executive Director of The Constructivist Consortium & Constructing Modern Knowledge.
Gary has a degree in elementary education and once studied to be a jazz musician. He has worked with
public schools, private schools, gifted students, at-risk learners, homeschooling communities and
numerous high-tech companies. Converge Magazine named Gary Stager a “shaper of our future and
inventor of our destiny.” The National School Boards Association named Gary one of “Twenty
Education Leaders to Watch.” Dr. Stager was a keynote speaker at the 2009 National Educational
Computing Conference before an audience of more than 4,000 educators.
Most recently, Gary was the new media producer for The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmeri Project -
Simpatíco, 2007 Grammy Award Winner for Best Latin Jazz Album of the Year. Dr. Stager is also a
contributor to The Huffington Post.
• Articles and papers by Dr. Stager
• Recommended books for modern educators and school leaders
• Professional Development & Gary Stager
• Gary Stager’s personal blog
• Constructing Modern Knowledge institutes
• The Constructivist Consortium
• School Wars (Gary Stager’s cover recent cover story about public education policy)
• Gary Stager in The Huffington Post
• ImagineIt
 documentary featuring Gary Stager
© 2009 Gary S. Stager - www.stager.orgPowerful Ideas – Common Principles
• Respect for each learner
• Authentic problems
• Real tools & materials
• Expanded opportunities
• Learning is natural
• Urgency
• Commitment to social justice &
Fueled by
• Project-Based Learning
• Constructionism
• Personal Computing
The Grand Tour
Watch the Scientific American Frontiers
Program: You Can Make it On Your Own
PBS Show Transcript
Neil Gershenfeld's Home Page
Includes links to his projects, books and
MIT Media Lab: Neil Gershenfeld
A Faculty Profile of Neil Gershenfeld, Director,
Center for Bits and Atoms and Associate
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences.
Technology Review - The Programmable
The MIT Media Lab's Neil Gershenfeld tours the building of the future, where interchangeable power
sockets, switches and appliances snap into the walls-then plug into the internet.
Gary S. Stager - The Best Educational Ideas in the World
2Neil Gershenfeld videos:
• Neil Gershenfeld at TED
• Neil Gershenfeld at PopTech
Seeing Through the Window
What form will new human/computer interfaces
take? An excerpt from Gershenfeld's 1999 book,
When Things Start To Think. Published on July 27, 2001.
Educational software mentioned by Gary
• MicroWorlds EX - multimedia programming
environment for use across the curriculum and grade levels
• Geometer’s Sketchpad - popular mathematical visualization software
Reggio Emilia
Books about the Reggio Emilia approach
Gary Stager’s article about Reggio Emilia
Reggio Children web site - the official
international web site of the Reggio Emilia
North American Reggio Emilia Alliance web
A pretty good overview of the Reggio Emilia
• What Makes a Good Project? (2008) by Gary Stager
• Raising Our Standards - Developing Projects that Endure (2009) by Gary Stager
• The Genius of Print (2010) by Gary Stager
“A good prompt is worth 1,000 words”
1. A good prompt, challenge, problem or motivation
2. Appropriate materials
3. Sufficient time
4. Supportive culture (including expertise)
Gary S. Stager - The Best Educational Ideas in the World
3“Four Ways to use materials”
1. Teach a specific concept
gears, friction, multiplication of fractions...
2. Thematic Project
factory, amusement park, airport...
3. Curricular Theme
Identify a problem in Sub-Saharan Africa...
4. Freestyle
Gary Stager’s robotics web site containing reference materials, ordering advice and project inspiration
The Pico Cricket - fantastic robotics construction kit that appeals to girls and supports interdisciplinary
learning from the Playful Invention Company
Student Leadership and Empowerment
Generation YES web site
Generation YES blog
Taking-IT-Global web site
Taking-IT-Global education edition
Child Power: Keys to the New Learning of the Digital
Century by Seymour Papert
Seymour Papert speaks about Generation YES
Gary S. Stager - The Best Educational Ideas in the World
4One Laptop Per Child
Laptop resources by Gary Stager
AALF - web site of the Anytime Anywhere
Learning Foundation (news, links, events,
professional development)
Gary Stager's role in the history of classroombased "laptop learning" is documented in the
book, Never Mind the Laptops: Kids,
Computers and the Transformation of Learning,
by Bob Johnstone. (Book)
One Laptop Per Child Foundation web site
OLPC founder, Nicholas Negroponte videos:
• Nicholas Negroponte makes 5 predictions in 1984
• Nicholas a TED Negroponte 2006
• Nicholas TED Talk Negroponte 2008
• Nicholas Negroponte bring the $100 laptop to children in war-ravaged Columbia
Constructionism/Seymour Papert
Planet Papert - a collection of links to media and
texts by the father of educational computing
Seymour Papert’s web site
Books by Seymour Papert
The Original Twenty Things to Do With a
Computer (1971) by Seymour Papert & Cynthia
Teaching Children Thinking (1971) by Seymour
Venezuelan Youth Orchestra
2009 TED Prize Wish
• 2009 TED Prize Ceremony - Part 1
• 2009 TED Prize Ceremony - Part 2
60 Minutes profile of Gustavo Dudamel and “La
Fantastic El Sistema documentary (DVD)
The Promise of Music (DVD)
Gary S. Stager - The Best Educational Ideas in the World
5Tocar y Luchar “To Play and To Fight” (DVD)
Missy Higgins iTunes Store
All for Believing (song she wrote while in high school)
Leadership Lessons from Music:
• Leadership Ensemble: Lessons in Collaborative Management from the World-Famous
Conductorless Orchestra by Harvey Seifter and Peter Economy (Book)
• The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Presents - Music Meets Business (DVD)
Playing Outside - Letting the Sunshine
Dave Eggers’ TED Talk about community
writing centers
826 Valencia community writing centers web
The Big Picture Schools Web Site
The Big Picture: Education Is Everyone's
Business by Dennis Littky and Samantha
Grabelle (Book)
Doc: The Story Of Dennis Littky And His Fight For A Better School by Susan Kammeraad-Campbell
Additional Resources
A selection of recent papers by Dr. Stager
• Computing and the Internet in Schools: An International Perspective on Developments and
Directions - a monograph written by Gary S. Stager, Ph.D. in 1996
• Learning Adventures: A new approach for transforming real and virtual classroom environments
• A New Paradigm for Evaluating the Learning Potential of an EdTech Activity (2008)
Diane Ravitch and Deborah Meier’s Bridging Differences blog - a must-read resource for school
David Loader’s book, The Inner Principal, is a terrific read.
A collection of great videos about learning & technology to watch online.
A collection of terrific web videos on the frontiers of learning and technology.
© 2009-2010 Gary S. Stager -
Gary S. Stager - The Best Educational Ideas in the World

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