Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Title:                                      RIKKI DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER                             (Steely Dan)
                    E   D              A               E
                                We hear you're leaving, that's OK.
                                D                    A                    E C# B D
                                I thought our little wild time had just begun.
                                            A                    E
                                I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run.
                     F#m7                  A                               RUN - (B F# Ab A D Ab A)
                                But if you have a change of heart,
                                E                                              G
                CHORUS: Rikki don't lose that number, you don't wanna call nobidy else.
                  |     A                  G             D
                  |            Send it off in a letter to your self.
                  |     C                                     Em
                  |            Rikki don't lose that number it's the only one you own.
                  |                C                 D  A  (tacet)                  E
                  |            You might use it if you feel better    when you get home.

                        D        A                               E
                                I have a friend in town, he's heard your name.
                                D             A                    E C# B D
                                We can go out driving on slow hand row.
                                A                   E
                                We could stay inside and play games I don't know.
                     F#m7                      A             RUN - (B F# Ab A D Ab A)
                                And you could have a change of heart,

                                LEAD  : D  A  E  D  A  G  F  G  F  E  D  A  E

                      Amaj7                     Abm7
                You tell yourself you're not my kind,
                      Amaj7               C#m7
                                But you don't even know your mind.
                     F#m7                    A              RUN - (B F# Ab A D Ab A)
                                And you could have a change of heart,CHORUS                 Rikki don't lose that number, Rikki don't lose that number ...
PEG  -  Steely Dan
G6/9  F#7#9   F6/9  E7#9   Eb6/9  D7#9
Cmaj7   Gsus2/B  Cmaj7  Gsus2
                          I've seen your
Cmaj7     Gsus2  Cmaj7  Gsus2
picture                 your name in lights

 Cmaj7    Gsus2  Cmaj7  Gsus2
above it                this is your
Fmaj7     Csus2  Fmaj7  Csus2
big    de-but               it's like a
Cmaj7      Gsus2  Cmaj7  Gsus2
dream come true            so won't you
Gmaj7     Dsus2        Fmaj7  Csus2
smile for the camera          I know you're gonna
Cmaj7    Gsus2  Cmaj7  Gsus2
love it
I've got your pin shot keep it with your letter
Done up in blue-print blueIt sure looks good on you
So won't you smile for the camers  know they're gonna love it Peg
Cmaj7  Gsus2/B       Am11    E7sus4
Peg     it will come back to you
Cmaj7  Gsus2/B       Am11    E7sus4
Peg     it will come back to you

Asus2/C#  C6/9            G     F#7
Then          the shutter falls
           Bm7 E7#9 Am7          C/D               Cmaj7  Gsus2
You see it all in   3D it's your favourite foreign movi
Cmaj7  Gsus2   F#m7  Bm7  Em7  Bm7  C6/9
Then it repeats the intro sequence of descending chords and
goes into the solo.
Chords for the solo are the same as for the verses.
The rest is just repeats.
Chord Shapes :
---------------for convenience  : a=10,b=11,c=12 etc

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