Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 2011 Cmp songs chants

Banjo shop

I u-da-loosed to play-da-lay my o-da-load banjo-da-lo
And re-da-lest it on-a-lon my knee-da-lee-da-lee-da-lee
But now-da-low these string-a-lings are broke-a-loke and so-da-lo
they're no more u-da-loose to me-da-lee-da-lee-da-lee

I took-a-look them to-da-loo the mus-a-loose-ic shop-a-lop
to see-da-lee what he-da-lee could do-da-loo-da-loo-da-loo
And now-da-low these string-a-lings are good-da-lood and so-da-lo a
And now I can play-da-lay for you-da-loo-da-loo-da-loo

Baby Shark Baby shark do do, do do do do
Baby shark do do, do do do do
Baby shark do do, do do do do
Baby shark

Repeat with using appropriate actions
Mama Shark
Papa Shark
Grandma Shark
Surfer Dude
Went for a Swim
Lost a Leg
Lost an Arm
It’s not working
As a Baby Shark
Mama Shark
Papa Shark
Grandma Shark
That’s the End

Children's Songs
A Frog Went A-Courtin' (Version 2) Robin in the Rain Little Fish What Mama SawThe Circus
The BearEcho Song
Written By: Unknown, Copyright Unknown
The other day, (The other day)
I met a bear, (I met a bear)
Up in the woods,\(Up in the woods)
A way up there!(A way up there!)
The other day I met a bear,
Up in the woods a way up there!
He looked at me(He looked at me)
I looked at him(I looked at him)
He sized up me (He sized up me)
I sized up him(I sized up him) He looked at me, I looked at him, He sized up me, I sized up him.
He said to me(He said to me)"Why don't you run?("Why don't you run?) I see you don't(I see you don't)Have any gun"(Have any gun")
He said to me, "Why don't you run? I see you don't have any gun."
And so I ran(And so I ran) Away from there(Away from there)
And right behind(And right behind
Me was that bear(Me was that bear)
And so I ran away from there,
And right behind me was a that bear.
Ahead of me(Ahead of me)I saw a tree(I saw a tree)
A great big tree(A great big tree)Oh, golly gee!(Oh, golly gee!)
Ahead of me there was a tree,
A great big tree, oh, golly gee!

The lowest branch(The lowest branch)
Was ten feet u(Was ten feet up)
I had to jump(I had to jump)

And trust my luck(And trust my luck)

The lowest branch was ten feet up,
I had to jump and trust my luck.
And so I jumped(And so I jumped)Into the air(Into the air)
But I missed that branch(But I missed that branch)
On the way up there (On the way up there)
And so I jumped into the air,
But I missed that branch on the way up there.
Now don't you fret (Now don't you fret)
And don't you frown(And don't you frown)
I caught that branch (I caught that branch)
On the way back down(On the way back down)
Now don't you fret and don't you frown,
I caught that branch on the way back down.
That's all there is (That's all there is)There ain't no more(There ain't no more)Until I meet(Until I meet)That bear once more (That bear once more)
That's all there is, there ain't no more,Until I meet that bear once more.
The end, the end (The end, the end) The end, the end (The end, the end)
The end, the end (The end, the end) The end, the end!
(The end, the end!) The end, the end, the end, the end,
This time it really is the end!


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