Monday, November 22, 2010

lesson - ela- geisel- wacky wed- differences/ blends/digraph/rhyme/song/rap


• It all began with that shoe on the WALL - A shoe on the WALL …? Shouldn’t be there at all!
• Then I looked up and I said “ OH, MAN!” and that’s how WACKY WEDNESDAY began.
• I looked out the WINDOW and I said, “ GEE!” More things WERE WACKY! And I saw three(3).
• In the bathroom MORE! In the bathroom, FOUR(4)!
• I began to dress. Then I said WOW! Four (4) more things WERE WACKY now!
• I looked in the kitchen. I said “By cracky!” Five (5) more things are very WACKY!”
• I was late for school I started along and I saw that six (6) more things were wrong.
• And then Seven (7) more!
• And the Sutherland sisters! They looked WACKY, too. They said, “Nothing is WACKY around here but you!”
• “But look“ I yelled. “ Eight (8) things are WRONG here at school.”
• I ran into school. I yelled to Miss Bass….. Look! 9 things are WACKY right here in your class!”
• Nothing is WACKY here in my class! Get out! You’re the WACKY one! “ Out!” said Miss Bass.
• I went out the school door. Things WERE WORSE than before. I couldn’t believe it. Ten (10) WACKY things more!
• Then I counted Eleven (11).
• Then twelve (12) WORSE things! I got scared. And I ran. I ran and knocked over Patrolman McGann.
• “I’m sorry, Patrolman.” That’s all I could say, Don’t be sorry,” he smiled. “It’s that kind of day. But be glad! WACKY WEDNESDAY will soon go away!”
• “ Only twenty (20) things more WILL be WACKY,” he said. “ Just find them and then you can go back to bed.”
• WACKY WEDNESDAY WAS gone WHEN I counted them all. And I even got rid of that shoe on the WALL.

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