Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boise State III

Ekwall Shanker Phonics Assessment

The Ekwall/Shanker Phonics Assessment consists of nine subtests that evaluate the student’s knowledge of all the critical phonics skills. Subtest 1 measures 105 one-syllable words in context. Subtests 2-6 have the student identify a word or word parts when given a word or word part pronounced by the examiner. Subtest 7 requires the student to blend a beginning sound with one of two common phonograms. Subtest 8 requires the student to substitute a new phonic element and blend it with the rest of the word. Subtest 9 evaluates the student’s ability to pronounce 15 real words that represent the more difficult vowel patterns.

Ekwall/Shanker Phonics Assessment

Subtest # & Focus Score Total Possible Mastery Level Mastered

1 Application of Phonics in Context
73 65
2-Initial Consonants
10 9
3-Initial Blends & Digraphs
10 9
4-Ending Sounds
10 8
5-Vowels (Sound-symbol)
10 9
6-Phonograms (Sound-symbol)
10 9
7-Blending (Sound-symbol)
10 9
8-Substitution (Sound-symbol)
25 22
9-Vowel Pronunciation
15 13
Date of Administration:


Summary of Assessment Results

Description of Work During Sessions-[You may include work samples]


Weekly Lessons:

Date: Instructional Hypothesis:

CDA Data This is in table form too. Use your tab key to move through the cells and your return key to add another row. You may delete rows if you don’t need to report that type of data. For example. If you know your client’s presenting problem in comprehension you can delete the Error Rate/WRA and WPM columns
Lesson #/Date Title: (The other information i.e. author/publisher) should be in your list of materials used) Readability/Grade Level: Error Rate/WRA Morrow (free recall): Comp. Questions WPM

Activities During Instruction
Date: GCR Strategy & Reflection

Reflection: [Do a GCR and separate SAS strategy for each lesson. This can be right after each strategy]

Date: SAS Strategy/Work & Reflection

Interpretation of activities
[Build this later from your reflections]

Materials read

For instruction [These are in “table” format. Just use the tab button to move between columns. Hit return at the end to insert a new row.}

Lesson Date Author, Copyright, Title, City:Publisher. Level G.E. Lexile DRP

Recreational reading

Lesson Date Author, Copyright, Title, City:Publisher. Level G.E. Lexile DRP

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