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NY SUT Touro Masters Education

Master of Science in Education, Elementary School Education & Special Ed., Childhood Grades 1-6 (36 cr.)

Master's Degree Programs

update: May 30, 2006



General Pedagogical Core – offered through ETP

EdSe 6001 History and Philosophy of Education & Special Education

SpEd 6021 Introduction to Special Education

EdPs 620 Child Development and Learning in Cultural Context

EdSE 640 Assessment of Individual Differences

EdSE 650 Educational Technology

EdSE 694 Field Experience in Elementary Education and Special Education

Specific Pedagogical Courses – must be matriculated at Touro College

EdSE 603 Teaching Mathematics, Science and Technology

EdSE 604 Teaching Social Studies and the Arts

SpEd 667 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disabilities

SpEd 670 Curriculum Development and Classroom Management

EdSE 665 Basic Reading Instruction

SpEd 695 Practicum in Elem. & Special Education (Requires two 20-day practica, and accompanying seminar)

1 Either EDSE 600 or SPED 602 must be completed in the first 6 credits of the program.

* Program graduates will be eligible for the Childhood Education 1-6 certificate and the Special Education 1-6 certificate.


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Long Island Students

Specific pedagogical core courses for the Elementary School Education and Special Education program are available to NYSUT members at the college’s Bayshore, NY campus. All general core requirements must be completed prior to taking courses at the Bayshore campus. Contact Carolyn White at for additional information.

Semester Schedules

General Core Courses

EdSE 600 - Spring, Summer

SpED 602 - Summer

EdPS620 - Spring

EdSE 640 - Fall

EdSE 650 - Fall, Spring, Summer

EdSE 694 - Fall, Spring, Summer


Utica/Rome Students

Specific pedagogical core courses are available online through the college and periodically on-site through NYSUT-ELT. Students should plan on taking at least two courses online:

Semester Schedules

General Core Courses

EdSE 600 - Fall, Spring

SpED 602 - Summer

EdPS 620 - Fall or Summer

EdSE 640 - Fall, Spring

EdSE 650 - Fall, Spring, Summer

EdSE 694 - Fall, Spring, Summer


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