Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School Visiit Questions- EDSE 670

School Visit Questions

Assignment: (slightly different from the syllabus) Students please select two (2) to of the following questions to take back to your school/organization for an interview. You should interview, depending on the question, a special education teacher, one to one para-professional, a guidance counselor or school social worker, or someone on the School Based Support team. Each question/interview must be typed.


1. Discuss the requirements for keeping confidentiality of students with disabilities and their families.
2. Identify the needs of students with emotional behavior disorders and specific techniques used to teach these students.
3. Describe alternative assessments and standardized instruments in the development of curriculum for students with disabilities.
4. Discuss why knowing the background information for students with disabilities is so important. (this includes: medical, family history, and academic history).
5. Describe the techniques used for instructional planning in the following inclusive models: push-in, co-teaching.
6. Describe appropriate collaborative techniques for positive and effective functioning of classroom para-professionals.
7. Discuss effective behavior management techniques appropriate to the need of students with special needs.
8. Discuss an appropriate learning environment for students with disabilities.
9. Give an account of the development, implementation and evaluation of a FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment)
10. Discuss the support you receive for your colleagues, administration or district in regards to working with student with special needs.

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