Sunday, May 3, 2009

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Website from the Creative mind of Horace Greeley HS's ( Chappaqua NY) , History Teacher- Ms Susan Pojer.

Though I do not intend to become a history or social studies teacher, I do have a great interest in both subjects.

I went through with a " teacher website " search went to the 11th page, and tried the following link ,  and so should you -, a Clear, Concise, and Complete Website from the Creative mind of Horace Greeley HS's ( Chappaqua NY) , History Teacher- Ms Susan Pojer.

There is so much content for HS History , Regents and AP Classes, .

In addition, she posts a link to over 200+ powerpoints that she has done, which can help with ideas on themes in our edse 650  class

I also liked her link to What Happened Today In History  from the Library Of Congress-

This kept my interest, and I am sure would keep the interest of any student- K-GradStudent….


There is just so much in the website, you would need 2 years to get through half of it.


 I will also make a website when I become a teacher. A teacher website is effective in so many ways. It is a great way to archive lessons that you have done for future classes and for the virtual classroom, and allows for students to approach technology, research, and the world wide web without fear as an "interactive facilitator of education " while being  entertained.

Also, the discussion board exercise that we are going through now , in addition to  the whole "Blogging" craze, helps peers communicate and clarify a common subject. Where were blogs and discussion boards- years ago?

 E-mail and Applications like Yahoo Answers would definitely be included in my website. Where students or anybody could ask questions that they may have and have them answered by the community or by the teacher.

In addition – I would like to share these additional sites on classroom teacher blog websites with you. While going through my google search looking for teacher sites  , I found this great tool for educators. Put this in your favorites. The site is a blog spot for teachers to share ideas through google . The site is called Cool Cat Teacher Blogspot - - and and

Also see" the flat classroom project" - The Flat Classroom Project is a global, collaborative project using Web 2.0 tools to foster communication, collaboration and creation. For inspiration and content material it draws on the work of Thomas Friedman and 'The World is Flat'. Read more about the project background and view 2006 and 2007 archives.


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