Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kids and teacher Sites

Kids Sites 
 I really wasn't thrilled at the layout of Yahooligans ( There were things that I liked and things that I disliked. The "sliding dashboard" (e.g. Apple / MAC products) was something that  was attention grabbing and useful. Since the MAC came out with the dash board, and Vista came soon after, this visual aid has become more popular. The content (the most  important part of a website) was hard to find at first glance. The majority  of the useful  content I felt was kept at the bottom and not placed correctly for  easy visual access.

However, Once I clicked on the "Kids Study" tab,  I found a better visually placed, and more "user-friendly" content . The " Kid's Study" tab was more focused and directed to the K through 9 student. This could be an informative site, but me suggestion is that the placement of the Yahoo Kids Directory should have been placed higher on the page or in a drop down at the upper portion of the page.

If I would have known about this website , I might have used the World Factbook Search for my project on Cultural Diversity and the study of  Nigerian Culture and Nigerian Americans. I looked at the Science tabs and can name several other more user- friendly and interactive educationsl sites than this one ( e.g, and ) - websites that we will be reviewing in future weeks.

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