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Teacher Tube has taken the Video website craze by storm and become the specialized search engine for Videos pertaining to education. For those that did not want to go through You Tube and hope for the best ( unrelated video and themes) can find their related videos quickly on Teacher Tube ( .

The following link was pretty enjoyable for those studying Special Education .  The Acronym Song  will definitely put a smile on your face. (

As for ease of use, the website is very user-friendly, though it doesn't have the look and feel of the government or professional (.org) websites, it has great content, and allows various ways of searching. The major tabs include home, videos, channels, and group and within there are sub tabs like most watched, top rated, top favorites, and recently featured. Variety and choice are definitely adjectives that I would use to describe the site.

Attractiveness- As I said , it's not like the government sites, or sites like scholastic , but it leaves room for improvement.

Functionality- I like the functionality and the various ways to search through the website. In addition, I love the ability to utilize and easily link to " RSS Feeds" to your own blog , twitter, mygoogle, myyahoo, furl or other website. Also, like YouTube you have the ability to " imbed" videos and comment on peer videos.

Authenticity- Teacher Tube like YouTube, as long as you are a part of the user community , you can create your channel and upload your education related videos. No one is checking if you are an expert on a certain topic.   So the validity of some of the topics can be suspect. However, it does allow an open dialogue for any one who wishes to contribute. And that is a good thing.

Relevance- Very relevant… The site is all about education.

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