Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fw: [Education on the Web] Great Websites for Teaching NYC Sub

Subject: [Education on the Web] Great Websites for Teaching NYC Sub

Where We Need You the Most

While we welcome new teachers throughout our 1,400 schools, we recognize an urgent need for effective educators in our 'high-need' schools.  Schools defined as high need may face unique and diverse challenges in meeting goals for academic progress for students and need dedicated and talented teachers who will ensure success for all students.

We strongly urge you to consider working in a high-need school and we are proud to recognize and reward your dedication to serving the children who need you the most.

In recognition of teachers' commitment to the success of students in high need schools, the New York City Department of Education offers financial incentives to teachers in those schools.  These incentives include opportunities for performance bonuses and grants. 

Our Teachers of Tomorrow program is an opportunity for a newly hired certified teacher to earn an additional non-taxable grant while working in one of our high-need schools.  Eligible candidates can be awarded up to $3,400 for each year of satisfactory service for up to four years, for a total of $13,600.

The list of eligible high-need schools is determined annually by the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality in conjunction with specific guidelines set forth by New York State and New York City. 
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