Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Add your suggestions for Early Education Lesson Plan websites.\\

Here are some suggestions:


  1. While trying to get ideas on websites to review for the lesson plan project- I decided to look through your suggestion and wanted to also to add the link within the coreknowledge website specifically for NYC teachers. The Link that I chose was a user supplied page for lesson plan, ideas, ooks and web sites and dealing with music, rhythm, and education.

    Everyone should take a peek - whatever grade you are choosing to teach.
    And also note that this curriculum allows for user website and idea suggestion. This is similar to the exercises that we do now in Blackboard for the EDSE650 OL class.
    Administration and Core Knowledge Coordinators

    Making the commitment to be a Core Knowledge school is a very important decision that involves a great deal of discussion among the school staff, parents, and others involved with the operations of the school.
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  2. The following site is a good place to find a directory of lesson plan sites:
    Find and Click in the web site: